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Feb 27, 2019
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In A Constellation Right Here ::: Let There Be Light! And… There Is Light!

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StarGateway ::: You Can Be A Star Too

StarGateway was formed to find the stars. It was established billions of years ago. Yes, we have been looking for the stars everywhere, even chasing them all over the place, all the time!

However, little did we realize that there is a star shining in each one of us too. To be a star, you just need to be yourself, and star you! Yes, I can be star too, star me! is an eclectic mix of subjects from different industries but its primary focus is still in the stars for entertainment, especially in KPop. However, as we are global, and we are also InternationalPop, we also have interest in the international pop scene, from regionally in East Asia, such as Thailand, China, etc. to the world.

KPop is itself a global phenomenon, and our “focus” will therefore be international! Moreover, while the entertainment industry in East Asia, that is, South East Asia and North East Asia have their own great and wonderful flavors and styles, even akin to that of the Korean version, and in so many ways similar due to proximity and cultural similarities and affinities, yet different just as in food and cuisines, the influence of KPop on the region (and beyond) is still nothing short of spectacular.

So, what next for KPop? InternationalPop! Say you heard it hear first!

The stars are shining bright! Watch this space for even more scintillating and exciting stuff to come…

StarGateway ::: You Can Be A Star Too

StarGateway ::: You Can Be A Star Too

Our vision is to make every one a star.

Our mission and objective is to let the star in everyone of us shine bright and brilliant.

You can be a star too.

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