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SNH48 Dancing Joyfully On The Beach Again This Summer

SNH48 is an pop idol girl group based in Shanghai, China. It is based on the concept of the creator of AKB48, Yasushi Akimoto which features “idols you can meet”. AKB48 is an idol group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, Japan and comprising initially of 48 female member idols. Akimoto has since extended his concept to several countries, including China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam and India. In China alone, there are several other sister groups, including BEJ48, GNZ48 and CKG48 and SHY48 named after the cities Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang respectively.

The average age of the female idols in the group is 20. On last count, there are well over 200 members across SNH48 and all its sister groups including BEJ48, GNZ48 and CKG48. However, SNH48 became independent from AKB48 in 2016.








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