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Our Trip to the Beautiful City of Dangjin

IDOLTRAVEL.COM Brings You To Dangjin

We drove from Seoul to the port city of Dangjin. It is south of Seoul in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. It is not as crowded as Seoul and is a serene place considering that it was once an important and thriving port city.

Its name in Hangul is 당진시 and in Hanja, it is 唐津市. Dangjin means Tang Ferry or Ship, reflecting its important historical connections with Korea.

One of the particularly interesting things to do besides lazing yourself at the beach is to visit the temple. You can even have a templestay and become a “monk” or “nun” for the night. Just kiddin’, anyone is welcome to stay in this temple. Templestay is an interesting concept and you can try it too if you are tired of the city hotel or just want a change and enjoy the traditional culture.

There is a beautiful and charming shopping village at the foot of the mountain where the temple is. You can be merry here: eat Kimchi and many other delicious food and shop for traditional crafts. Of course, don’t expect there to be any noisy karaokes or night clubs. If you want the latter, just head back to Seoul.

We also visited our friend, Mr Jang Cheol Seok’s cozy art gallery. He is a famous artist who has a very unique style. Check out the art gallery to be featured in due course.

We enjoyed our stay in Dangjin, and we are sure you would too. So we took several pictures for our records for you to enjoy too.

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