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IdolCharity ::: Giving Back To The *Community

IdolCharity contributes to the society and the community at large in a number of very meaningful ways. We also partner with our business associates, various corporations, government organizations, charity organizations, schools, NGOs, volunteers, religious organizations, etc. in line with our values of equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

In partnership with NineHeaven.com, we help and support local communities where we operate with a physical presence as well as globally in various parts of the world as our business is mostly virtual, and especially where help is most critically needed, such as in natural disasters.

What We Do


We organize various events and activities to raise funds, provide aid directly to the people, promote various charitable causes, organize resources, train volunteers, etc. There are many types of events we organize in conjunction with our charitable efforts, from pop, variety and musical events to excursions, sports events to dinners, funfair, shopping events, etc.

We are especially focused in our educational and health programs in our community-giving efforts. For example, we have a School Trust & Foundation that forms a great part of our desire to help the needy and under privileged students. We strongly believe that education is one of the best forms of charity and aid giving that is most effective, long term and ethical. In the midst of the pandemic which we are currently in, we also distribute face masks free of charge to students and the needy.

Besides health and education, we also concentrate strongly on food charity. This is in line with our belief and vision that no one should go hungry in the world. As such, we organize charity events to distribute food to the needy, sell food vouchers, etc.

*IdolCharity is part of StarCharity. We are especially dedicated to saving lives on the brink. Young and successful idols commit suicide and end their beautiful lives early. This is sad, and cannot continue. We will be doing our utmost to save lives. Depression is the main cause of these deaths and the right methods must be brought to help save lives. Please contact us if you come across anyone with the slightest sign of taking their own lives. Often, they may appear well on the outside so it is hard to tell but never take any chances.


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