FRIENDBANK.COM ::: Money Does Not Grow On Trees?

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Yes, money absolutely grows on trees but it will grow faster and bigger at FRIENDCLUB.COM because money does grow on the Internet. We are introducing FriendCoin, an online currency convertible to print currency or cryptocurrency. Basically, you gain points surfing online and that’s it, you gain currency as you work. Your surfing is your work. You mint and mine your coins when you surf.

There is no rocket science in all this, at least that’s what we think. The main thing that you have to note on this journey with us is just be nice to everyone and always smile. ; )

Your money is able to grow as we grow with you, and as you grow and come in  in large numbers by the masses, we grow even bigger, and you in turn will grow big. This is nothing new. It is a phenomenon that has been developing and happening over the last 20 years since the advent of the Internet. Facebook has done it! Google has done it! So has Wechat! Line! Naver! Alibaba! Etc.

Let Your Money Go On Autopilot
Emotional discomfort, when accepted, rises, crests and falls in a series of waves.

You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in. Give up all the other worlds Except the one in which you belong.

So many people, including the users to these sites, have gained financially from all this except that the gains to the users could have been bigger and more directly. So this is what we are endeavoring to do now and we hope that with you joining us we can create the next big thing. It is no mean feat but it is our vision and we hope we can all grow and prosper together online.

It is a Win Win Win phenomenon, not a zero sum game but we will all grow in multiplier effect. Really? What goes up must come down, right? Yeah… surely, but we are on the path of an upward trajectory and the curve is long. So, while it will come down, it won’t just tumble down in one go. Therefore, take advantage of this growth that will be upwards and long.

You can keep the money for your own use; that’s the whole idea in the first place.



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