Friend Day Every First Day Of Spring

0 2 years ago

FRIENDCLUB.COMWhen you join FriendClub, you also join in its activities comprising many friend festivals. FriendFestivals start with the beginning of Spring. It’s our new year! Yeah… sure we enjoy ourselves, its our celebrations for a new calendar year!

On FriendDay, showers of blessings are received by everyone, all its members. And, very often literally. You shower with water or confetti! It’s very much a fun time!

the remember to smile to everyone you meet. Think positive thoughts and give yourself and the people you meet blessings.

It is a spiritual time too. It can be ritualistic like any other festivals. However, FriendDay is also flexible. The three main things are Fun! Fun:D Free! Set your spirits free and soar high, higher and higher!

Contemplative time. You have the free reign to celebrate the way you like it. Nevertheless, one thing is central to our celebrations in FriendDay! Think of the I and then your best friend, then move to the next friend and the next and next until you are fully immersed in all friends in the friendclub. FriendClub is also known as FrendClub.

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