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Arm dance so amazing! | LiuFuYang Mongolian Dance "Aobao Meeting" | 刘福洋蒙古舞 敖包相会 | 手臂太美了

Choreography/Dancer: LiuFuYang | 编舞/表演:刘福洋 Aobao Meeting (Chinese Folk Song) A single full moon creeping up in the sky I can’t find a touch of color in my sight I’m waiting for you the lovely young girl in my heart When will you come to share the beautiful night? Where there is a will there will always be a way Our truest love will never be subject to the fate No matter how hard I will come by your side If you are willing to wait for me all along right there 敖包相会 十五的月亮升上了天空哟 为什么旁边没有云彩 我等待着美丽的姑娘哟 你为什么还不到徕哟 如果没有天上的雨水哟 海棠花儿不会自己开 只要哥哥你耐心地等待哟 你心爱的人儿就跑过来哟 LiuFuYang: China super dancing star, National first-class dancer, choreographer and director. China dance drama prince, He starred in more than 20 dance dramas,all of which are leading actor. President of Zhejiang Opera& Dance Drama Theater Dance Troupe, Council Member of China Dancers Association, Vice president of Zhejiang Dancers Association, Master Tutor of Zhejiang Conservatory of music, Member of “Lotus Award”(for Professional dancer artworks) national folk dance review committee, Member of “Lotus Award” dance drama review committee, Has reputed as “genius youth” by Korean dancers. 刘福洋: 青年舞蹈家,国家一级演员、国家一级导演。 中国舞剧王子,主演过二十多部舞剧,均担任男一。 浙江歌舞剧院舞蹈团团长、中国舞蹈家协会理事、浙江省舞蹈家协会副主席、浙江音乐学院 硕士生导师,“荷花奖”民族民间舞评委、“荷花奖”舞剧评奖评委,曾被韩国舞蹈届人士评为“天才少年”称号。 Douyin 抖音:lfy651878787 | Sina 新浪:刘福洋87号 | Wechat 微信视频号: 舞者刘福洋 | YouTube: 刘福洋87号 #MongolianDance #刘福洋 #LiuFuYang #蒙古舞 #AobaoMeeting #敖包相会 #ChineseFolkDance #FolkDance #FolkSong #FolkMusic #DancingChina #ChineseCulture #ChineseArt #China source

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[MV] NU’EST(뉴이스트) _ FACE(페이스)

[MV] NU’EST(뉴이스트) _ FACE(페이스) *English subtitles are available. Click on ‘CC’ button or activate ‘Interactive Transcript’ function. 🙂 [ ♬ Download ] iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/face-single/id510883848 Melon : http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2093307 ▶1theK FB

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🔴Te ofrecemos cursos on line de piano, percusión, canto, clarinete, violín, cello, flauta, con maestros llenos de sabor latino para que aprendas a tocar salsa, cumbia, merengue, bachata etc .

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【TNT时代少年团 宋亚轩】《音乐大师课》第二季第七期 宋亚轩Cut

【TNT时代少年团 宋亚轩】《音乐大师课》第二季第七期 宋亚轩Cut 🎉 喜欢我们视频的朋友,请不要忘记按赞 留言并分享 🎉 欢迎订阅我们的频道,并且记得开起小铃铛🔔才不会错过更新通知喔 订阅👉 https://tinyurl.com/utohss2 影片关键词: #宋亚轩 / #音乐大师课 / #时代少年团 / #TNT / #TF家族 / #Songyaxuan / #宋亞軒 / #時代少年團 source

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